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ECUK, Energy Consumption is the UK, has energy data arranged hierarchically by different aggregates of fuel type, and different levels of end use consumption.

There are also further data sources, for example – weather factors, which provide additional insights into energy consumption.

This hierarchy is reflected here by having elements inside their parent elements, which can be opened by using the button, and closed again using the button.

This data provides an overview of the trends and some key drivers that have influenced energy consumption in the UK since 1970. Its aim is to complement consumption data in The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES). It uses consumption by fuel and high level consumer group from DUKES energy balances tables (tables 1.1 to 1.3), and combines other data sources and modelling techniques to provide additional insights into consumption trends.

Data downloaded here can be used to calculate energy intensity (energy consumption per unit of output) per sector.

Commentary around these figures can be found here:

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